Shopping has taken the liberty that was not present with the generations preceding the millennial age. This new tech-savvy age gladly supports a slight infringement of privacy into their phones, personalized computers and online activities with the promise of receiving personalized shopping suggestions. Car shopping is not exempt from the extensive research that has gone into revolutionizing car dealerships.

Millennials do not display a fiery passion for owning and parading renowned brand names for cars as was evident with baby boomers. They instead have a logical car selection process that considers the car's fuel consumption, infused technology, and the overall purchasing and maintenance price. Perhaps they also like large vehicles with a smell of cleanliness. This group is keenly conscious of their money's value. We consider the needs of the changing times and cater to all generations.

Our online services

In recent years, studies show that more than half of all worldwide purchases were online. We have an online shopping outlet that lets you access the flexibility of online shopping experience by including options to save and view your ownership details. You can book a servicing appointment and see all the mechanical properties of the car in one place using this account.

The Genesis Intelligence App is a futuristic tool that lets you view and customize information on maintenance and repairs. You can lock and unlock the car from your phone and synchronize your calendar into one ecosystem with the vehicle. This merging will improve your driving experience and ease your schedule by sending notifications on scheduled times to leave and exciting stopovers.

Our services inside the brick and mortar

Genesis of South Brunswick is a New Jersey stationed car dealership that stocks the elegant and high performing G90, G80 and G70. Our firm adapts to the concept that a modern day luxury brand is conscious of its customers' need for a satisfying driving experience. Our office is fully open for you to book a test-driving experience with car sales professionals who will not annoy you with lateness and unwelcomed requests to call and message your phone. Not only that, we will bring the car right to your home, if preferred.

How to get information on your financing options

Our financial plans possess as much charm as our staff's. We do not believe in burying you with an undertaker's professionalism, tedious paperwork or endless calls. We have a secure online finance application form that includes all the necessary financing options. The completed form will help our finance team suggest a practical pay, including taking out a loan for a purchase or the monthly leasing agreement. We will discuss the technical perquisites of each car option you have to help you understand which car will suit both your mundane needs and luxury desires.

Talk to us

Most people sally forth to car dealers with a wish to drive an economical car with decent comfortability. Our showrooms exhibit luxury that exceeds the picture quality of our online store by proving the tangible benefits of our stock. The South Brunswick store has a competitive online service portal and physical store that will work with you to lengthen the returns of your investment into your car of choice. The store opens at the same time every day from Monday to Saturday and includes a highly responsive contact option for our online clients.