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How often does my car need to be Serviced?

You should get your oil changed at least every six months or every three thousand miles, whichever comes first. The importance of regular oil changes cannot be stressed enough. Routine oil changes can help improve the overall gas mileage of your Genesis model. Also, oil tends to thicken as it ages. Thick oil can gunk up the gears in your motor and ultimately damage it. When you reach the fifteen thousand mile mark with your Genesis, you will probably need to have your air filter changed. You may also want to change your transmission fluids at this time as well.

Benefits of Leasing a Genesis

There are a lot of benefits associated with leasing a Genesis model from Genesis of South Brunswick. You can expect decent gas mileage as well as a smooth and comfortable ride. Genesis models are known for their long lasting engines and reliable transmissions. Opting to lease a Genesis model can allow you to enjoy driving the car when it is in the most perfect condition. The first three years of the life of a car are when the least amount of mechanical issues are experienced. Another great benefit of opting to lease a Genesis is that you can trade in your car every few years for something newer. You may be able to lease a model you normally could not afford. If you are looking to build up your credit without taking out a loan, leasing a Genesis is the way to do it.

Can I Shop for Genesis Model Vehicles Online?

It is possible to browse and purchase Genesis cars online. At Genesis of South Brunswick, our online inventory is impressive, to say the least. You can search all Genesis models that you may be interested in. If you are searching for a specific model, you can filter your search criteria on our site. It is also possible to browse by the model type. If you find the car you are looking for, you can get the car delivered without even speaking to anyone! If, however, you have questions that you would like to ask, we would be happy to get on a call to answer anything. You also have the option of booking a service appointment right from our website. Let our trained technicians provide your Genesis car with the best care and service.

There has never been a better time to reach out to our team at Genesis of South Brunswick. We strive to provide top-level customer service. We will do whatever it takes to cater to your needs. If you are on a budget but want to buy a new car, visit our Genesis dealership to get the best deals.